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Today’s New Listings

Bay Lake Towers

Bay Lake Tower Membership expires 2060 - Annual Dues $5.92 per point 125 points. October use year. 7 points coming on 10/1/18 and 125 points coming on 10/1/19. CAN CLOSE 9/25/18. NO ANNUAL DUES UNTIL 2019. Closing Costs: $717 Annual Dues at ...

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Aulani Resort Membership expires 2062  Annual Dues $7.54 per point 300 points. March use year. 300 points coming on 3/1/20 and 300 points coming on 3/1/21. Closing Costs: $900 Annual Dues at Closing: $0 Priced at $90/pt ($27000)  Total P...

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