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Renting Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club points can be rented for a one time use by members or non-members. If you rent points, meaning a member makes a reservation in your name, under their membership, the cost is $16 per point. If you are a current Disney Vacation Club member and would like to have another member transfer points to your account to combine with your own Disney points the cost is $16 to $18 a point. The cost per point to rent or transfer is a flat cost with no additional taxes or charges unless renting at Aulani in Hawaii*.

Renting Disney Vacation Club points is very simple. You will email us a format of information (see form below). Once received, an associate will check availability with Disney Vacation Club and then respond to the email, normally within 24 hours. If you would like to book something you will respond to the email and let us know to proceed forward. We will then have a member book the reservation. Once booked we will email you a rental agreement with a Disney reservation number and then you will make full non-refundable payment either via paypal or by check.

If you are a Disney Vacation Club member that is a US resident and you would like us to rent out your points we will email you a rental agreement to complete. Once you return the agreement to us we will confirm the points you would like to rent as well as advise if the points can be rented or transferred. How the points can be used will determine how much you will receive for the points. If you would like us to handle booking all reservations we will do that for you as well, at no additional cost.

All rentals, transfers and the rental of points for a Disney Vacation Club member are done through email, so please feel free to email us at to begin the process.

Disney Vacation Club Resort Desired:


Please note:
-Be advised the members we use to book reservations WILL NOT ADD the Dining Plan to your reservation. The only person who can add the Dining Plan is the member so if you are looking to have the Dining Plan as part of your reservation we are not the company to rent points from.
-Be aware sometimes the availability can change between the time we send the member the email to make the reservation and when they actually make the reservation so availability might change and we won’t be able to fill your request. As soon as the member tells us it isn’t available we would try and let you know ASAP.
-If adding Magical Express at a later date you have to make sure it’s over 30 days prior to your check in. If under 30 days the member WILL NOT ADD. You will have to pick up your luggage once you land and follow directions to Magical Express. At the counter you can let them know you have a reservation and they will assist you from there.

Follow these steps if you want to book:

Step 1: If you want something booked you let us know by responding to this email to move forward with attempting to book
Step 2: We will contact one of the members that has their points for rent and tell them to book the reservation.
Step 3: If the reservation you want is still available and the member books it then we will put a rental agreement together and have it emailed to you.
Step 4: You would need to sign the agreement and either make payment via PayPal, or depending on when the reservation is you may also be able to pay via check. A rental is a non refundable if you decide to cancel after making payment.